Monday, September 24, 2012

Four Powerful Keys To Healing

Here is a simple process to become pro-active with your health.
Many people with an illness waste a lot of time on future events that have not or will not happen. A future event is anything not in the NOW. For example: I might not feel like going out tonight because I am might be tired (notice the words-might be tired).
I had a friend that was HIV (diagnosed with AIDs) and every statement he made was like this: "Let's go to the beach today because I might be dead tomorrow."
Starting today be aware of your words because they have power. Here is an easy technique to focus on all the good in your life and NOT on what may or may not happen in the future.
Write this format on a piece of paper:
Example One
I am always in pain.
I have friends that always sympathize with me and I get attention.
I wish I could spend more time with my grandchildren.
I felt great this morning.
(NOTICE: I did not say, "I was pain-free in the morning" because that would still be focusing on the pain.)
Pick-up the phone and say Hi to your grandchildren. Ask them how THEY ARE---focus on the good and positive of other people. DO NOT talk about how much pain you were in before.
In addition after you have worked with one statement you can also take a sentence from your PRO or CON list and apply it to this format. Pick the ones that have the most "charge" or emotions attached to them.
Example Two
I have friends that always sympathize with me and I get attention.
I feel like I am needed.
I feel useless.
I get attention by listening to other people.
(This is NOT about having a pity party and sharing negative stories. Focus on the good and positive aspects of the day. Take action and direct the conversation to a place of joy.)
I do things that are helpful around the house.
This simple process is easy to do and it works. The best way to starting using this process is today. Be aware of what you are saying and then immediately write it down.
To help you stay in the moment say, "I am healthy whole and complete and I love myself for who I am right here, right now."
Remember, be pro-active with your health and keep all conversations positive. Make a sign that says, "No Whining Allowed" to remind you of your commitment to health. People will notice you have changed. Focus on the good in your life and the beauty around you. Soon you will be feeling better, doing more and living a more fulfilling life.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Contact Lens Thermal Cleaner

Hand washing contact lenses is not the only way to go. You can use a contact lens thermal cleaner to achieve the same effect. Or at least to do part of the job. You should still use a cleaner to remove dirt and protein deposits from your contacts, and you must rinse them thoroughly afterwards, but a thermal unit can be used to disinfect the lenses afterwards.
The procedure for cleaning your lenses using a contact lens thermal cleaner is as follows.
1. Clean your hand thoroughly with a non perfumed soap, before removing your lenses.
2. Remove one lens at a time and put it in the palm of your hand, so that the rounded part that actually covers your eye is facing upwards. Pour a few drops of your cleaner over the lens, and using one finger, rub the lens gently.
3. Rinse the lens thoroughly using your saline rinsing solution.
4. Fill your lens case with the recommended solution. Put the lens in its case, and repeat these steps with the other lens. Screw the caps on and put the case into the heating unit. Plug in the unit, and then switch it on.
5. Read the thermal cleaner's instructions, regarding how long you should allow it to heat in order to disinfect the lenses, and also how long it needs to cool down before you can remove the lenses. Once this procedure has been followed, you can put your lenses in your eyes.
6. Rinse the case thoroughly with water, and allow it to dry. Be careful that you do not use dirty or oily cloths to dry the case, because some of this matter could end up in your eyes.
Remember that the thermal cleaner is just a tool to use, and that you should continue to take care and responsibility for your lenses.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Adjustable Dumbells Are Part Of Any Balanced Fitness plan

Dumbbell exercise is a key component of every balanced
exercise and fitness regime. Finding the right dumbbells
for your own specific fitness program is important and that
is why adjustable dumbbells are ideal.
Adjustable dumbbells allow you to save space and time
during weight training sessions meaning that you can
purchase a set for your own personal dumbbell exercizes at
home or you can find a set at the gym and use those.
Adjustable dumbbells are even more desirable because you
don't have to purchase a large set of dumbbells in order to
change weight increments so your weights can change as your
increase your strength.
With adjustable dumbbells you can adjust the dumbbells in
five pound increments to increase or decrease the weight
according to the dumbbell workouts you need to do.
To make the increase or decrease in the dumbbell weights
for your dumbbell workout, you merely need to turn a dial
that is situated on the side of the dumbbells.
In order to add or release weight plates in adjustable
dumbbells in the correct way, you should position the bar
and weight plates in the tray where you can then position
the dial to the contoured end of the tray.
This ensures that you are changing the weights safely and
effectively so when you are actually using the dumbbells,
you are able to turn the dial counter-clockwise to release
weights and clockwise to increase weights during your
This is ideal because it means that you can adjust your
workout according to what kind of challenge level you are
looking for in your workout. The real benefit comes with
the fact that you can change these dumbbells every day if
you want to.
Adjustable dumbbells are widely available for purchase from
fitness stores in your local area or from online catalogs
over the Internet. Online companies and fitness stores that
have their own website will quite often offer fitness
equipment at well below retail.
Sometimes you can even have your dumbbell system sent
directly to your home with free shipping, depending on how
much you spend.
Two of the best brands of adjustable dumbbells are ProBell
and Hex. ProBell offers a dumbbell system that sits on a
high-impact nylon storage tray. Its plates are zinc dye
cast and are coated to deliver long term durability. Hex
dumbbells are also made from high quality iron casting that
is very durable over time.