Monday, November 5, 2012

White Contact Lenses

Contact lenses come in a variety of colors and effects these days. These include basic white contact lenses. Courtesy of the fact that many of these lenses are now created for cosmetic purposes, with a power of 0.00, basic white contact lenses can be made available for all, not just those with poor eyesight.
One must wonder of course, how basic white contact lenses could affect poor vision, and the answer is that they couldn't of course.
However, at a party, the effect of pure white in one's eyes could be very striking, if not a little bit scary .....
In a dramatic sense, theatrical contact lenses are used to help portray specific characters, or idiosyncrasies that these characters may possess. If a character were blind, then having basic white contact lenses could have a significant effect on the portrayal of that character. Having said that, basic white contact lenses will have a 'pupil hole' which would show up as a black dot in the eye. Without this hole, you wouldn't be able to see anything of course.
Taking this theme a bit further, it is possible to get other color lenses which give an 'all out' effect. By this I mean which are made of a solid color, with only the pupil hole showing. These solid color lenses are available in colors such as silver, black, red, yellow and violet. Again the effects of these types of lenses would be considered theatrical in nature, or perhaps used to add an effect for a night out.

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Best Scary Contact Lenses

Technology works wonders in all areas of life, and contact lenses are no exception. With the increased technology, and the popularity of colored lenses, a new trend has developed with scary contact lenses.
These lenses have been around for awhile and were basically used in movies, plays and other theatrical endeavors. The popularity and desire for these lenses began to increase and the contact lens industry responded with a huge selection of scary contact lenses for anybody with a prescription and also for those without.
These lenses are wonderful for individuals who really enjoy getting into complete costume for Halloween, costume parties or simply enjoy being eccentric and having scary contact lenses.
The best scariest contact lenses really depend on your sense of scary and style. The selection of scary lenses runs from the mild to the extreme. These lenses come in blood red, cat eye, hourglass, stitches, tempest, demon, mummy, berserker and other scary styles. You can even get a lens that is completely white.
The total blackout lens that makes the entire eye white is one of the scariest lenses because it is incredibly freaky and disconcerting for all who see the person wearing them. It looks like the person is walking dead or something scarier.
The Banshee style contact is another incredibly scary lens, and in my opinion the scariest. The colored part of the lens is shaped like a cat eye. The black pupil is surrounded by yellow flames which are encapsulated by blood red. These contacts will scare everyone in your presence and will perhaps convince your friends you have been taken over by an evil spirit. Fortunately, these contact lenses are available on the Internet and do not require a prescription or a visit to an optometrist. However, this might be a good idea especially if you have never worn contact lenses before and don't know the diameter of your eye. You don't want to buy a lens and then it not fit, so consider visiting your optometrist before purchasing these scary lenses.

Monday, October 15, 2012

My Sharper Image Ionic Breeze Air Purifier

In a word - this air purifier is great. I bought one and let me tell you about it. I needed an air purifier for allergies. Too much dust and all the trees and plants in bloom it was causing quite a stir in the air. I borrowed an air purification unit from my mom. I'll just leave this brand name out of it, but it was a HEPA filter type unit with a fan and such. It was large and round in shape. First thing when I turned it on was it smelled like my mom's house. So, I needed to buy a new filter element and those dudes aren't cheap. Reluctantly, the air filter went to the garage since I didn't want any further smells entering my house.
I purchased the Sharper Image Ionic Breeze off of Ebay. It was a returned unit and I got it from Sharper Image. They sell returns or refurbish units at significant savings. I was lucky to get this unit shipped and everything for about $130. That is a savings, and I thought if it really does work, then I'll buy a brand new one.
I got it in and couldn't tell that anyone had used it or anything. It looked like brand new. I plugged it in and turned it on. Nothing happened. No noise. Then I felt the breeze blowing from the front. Here I want to take the thing apart to find the fan. But there isn't a fan in there at all. The way it charges the collector plates causes air to flow through the unit. It really is remarkable just for the fact that it can get the air to stir silently. And they say silent, and I'm here to tell you the unit is silent.
So I let it run a few days and sure enough, it has collected dust on the collectors. It really does work. I can tell the air is charged or something. Maybe its just because its clean now. I keep mine in a high traffic area and I don't notice the unit at all. So here's the big test. I have some gerbils. They don't stink, but their bedding is a little aromatic and they do get to digging and stirring up dust. I put the ionic breeze by their cage. I wanted to see what it could do. No smell from the cage. I kid you not. Nothing. I shut it off and then I started to smell the gerbils. It is truly amazing.
When the collectors start to get full, I notice it makes a little zit noise. I take the fins and rinse them. They say to use a damp cloth, but I run them under the faucet and let them dry good before re-inserting them. This is one of the best purchases I have ever made and I see it as being something I have in my house for years. I put some pictures of it on my website.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Could You Answer These 15 Questions

More than 106 million American adults have a blood cholesterol level high enough to require medical advice. High cholesterol claims thousands of lives every year and the really sad thing is that it’s treatable as long as you don’t ignore it.
The chances of you not having this condition are slim to none ... most Americans do have cholesterol, it’s a natural part of our physical makeup. Like everything in nature, it only becomes a problem when there is an imbalance.
The 15 questions that most people ask about cholesterol are:
# 1 - What is cholesterol?
# 2 - How does it affect my health?
# 3 - How do I know if I’m at risk?
# 4 - Is there a test that will tell me if I have it?
# 5 - How does it affect my lifestyle?
# 6 - What are my LDL and HDL levels?
# 7 - Will I need medication?
# 8 - Is it affected by diet?
# 9 - What can I eat?
#10 - Will it go away with exercise?
#11 - Should I take supplements?
#12 - Is it possible to get rid of it?
#13 - What are some of the treatment options?
#14 - When is medication necessary?
#15 - Are natural treatments effective?
Do you know the warning signs for high cholesterol?
Are you aware of your LDL and HDL levels … do you even know what they mean?
If you don’t know the answers to these questions and how to lower your cholesterol, you owe it to your family and yourself to find out. You can find the answers to all these questions in an outstanding book titled "Lowering Your Cholesterol []. Now is the time to take control of your cholesterol and your life.
Sadly, thousands of men and women ignore the warning signs until it’s too late!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Ruin Your Summer Fun

I love summer! Summer is my favorite season of the year. I love playing sports outside and walking on the beach. I especially enjoy being at an outdoor barbecue. Maybe you enjoy summer activities as well. Imagine with me for a moment being at an outdoor barbecue. Just a little distance away from you there's a swimming pool full of kids who are having fun playing, laughing and splashing in the water. In another spot there might be a horseshoe game playing. You can hear the "clank" of the horseshoes hitting the posts as the players are trying to get a ringer. And of course there's the barbecue grill. On the grill might be hamburgers and hot dogs, chicken or steaks. The only thing better than the smell coming from the grill is the taste of the food when it's time to eat. Can you just imagine the fun that you will have this summer?
Now fast forward with me a few hours. You are at home and your skin is starting to itch. Just before bedtime you're taking your shirt or blouse off to get into your bed clothes and just the material rubbing up against your skin is painful. When you do go to bed that evening you toss and turn trying to get into a position that isn't painful so that you can go to sleep. However, you spend hours awake only thinking about the pain that your body is experiencing instead of the tremendous fun you had that day. What is the reason for this itching and pain? You have probably guessed it. You have a sunburn!
Fortunately you can do something about it before it happens. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has provided us with some steps that we can take to help reduce our chance of having to deal with sun damage. These seven simple action steps are as follows:
1. Limit Time in the Midday Sun - The sun's rays are strongest between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Whenever possible, limit exposure to the sun during these hours.
2. Wear a Hat - A hat with a wide brim offers good sun protection to your eyes, ears, face, and the back of your neck - areas particularly prone to overexposure to the sun.
3. Cover Up - Wearing tightly woven, loose-fitting, and full-length clothing is a good way to protect your skin from the sun's UV rays.
4. Wear Sunglasses that Block 99-100% of UV Radiation -Sunglasses that provide 99-100% UVA and UVB protection will greatly reduce sun exposure that can lead to cataracts and other eye damage. Check the label when buying sunglasses.
5. Always Use Sunscreen - Apply a broad spectrum sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 15 or higher liberally on exposed skin. Reapply every 2 hours, or after working, swimming, playing, or exercising outdoors. Even waterproof sunscreen can come off when you towel off, sweat, or spend extended periods of time in the water.
6. Avoid Sunlamps and Tanning Parlors - The light source from sunbeds and sunlamps damages the skin and unprotected eyes. It's a good idea to avoid artificial sources of UV light.
7. Watch for the UV Index - The UV Index provides important information to help you plan your outdoor activities in ways that prevent overexposure to the sun. Developed by the National Weather Service (NWS) and EPA, the UV Index is issued daily in selected cities across the United States.
Why am I telling you about these simple action steps that can help protect you from the sun? I want you to have fun this summer. I want you to have fun this summer under the sun.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Four Powerful Keys To Healing

Here is a simple process to become pro-active with your health.
Many people with an illness waste a lot of time on future events that have not or will not happen. A future event is anything not in the NOW. For example: I might not feel like going out tonight because I am might be tired (notice the words-might be tired).
I had a friend that was HIV (diagnosed with AIDs) and every statement he made was like this: "Let's go to the beach today because I might be dead tomorrow."
Starting today be aware of your words because they have power. Here is an easy technique to focus on all the good in your life and NOT on what may or may not happen in the future.
Write this format on a piece of paper:
Example One
I am always in pain.
I have friends that always sympathize with me and I get attention.
I wish I could spend more time with my grandchildren.
I felt great this morning.
(NOTICE: I did not say, "I was pain-free in the morning" because that would still be focusing on the pain.)
Pick-up the phone and say Hi to your grandchildren. Ask them how THEY ARE---focus on the good and positive of other people. DO NOT talk about how much pain you were in before.
In addition after you have worked with one statement you can also take a sentence from your PRO or CON list and apply it to this format. Pick the ones that have the most "charge" or emotions attached to them.
Example Two
I have friends that always sympathize with me and I get attention.
I feel like I am needed.
I feel useless.
I get attention by listening to other people.
(This is NOT about having a pity party and sharing negative stories. Focus on the good and positive aspects of the day. Take action and direct the conversation to a place of joy.)
I do things that are helpful around the house.
This simple process is easy to do and it works. The best way to starting using this process is today. Be aware of what you are saying and then immediately write it down.
To help you stay in the moment say, "I am healthy whole and complete and I love myself for who I am right here, right now."
Remember, be pro-active with your health and keep all conversations positive. Make a sign that says, "No Whining Allowed" to remind you of your commitment to health. People will notice you have changed. Focus on the good in your life and the beauty around you. Soon you will be feeling better, doing more and living a more fulfilling life.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Contact Lens Thermal Cleaner

Hand washing contact lenses is not the only way to go. You can use a contact lens thermal cleaner to achieve the same effect. Or at least to do part of the job. You should still use a cleaner to remove dirt and protein deposits from your contacts, and you must rinse them thoroughly afterwards, but a thermal unit can be used to disinfect the lenses afterwards.
The procedure for cleaning your lenses using a contact lens thermal cleaner is as follows.
1. Clean your hand thoroughly with a non perfumed soap, before removing your lenses.
2. Remove one lens at a time and put it in the palm of your hand, so that the rounded part that actually covers your eye is facing upwards. Pour a few drops of your cleaner over the lens, and using one finger, rub the lens gently.
3. Rinse the lens thoroughly using your saline rinsing solution.
4. Fill your lens case with the recommended solution. Put the lens in its case, and repeat these steps with the other lens. Screw the caps on and put the case into the heating unit. Plug in the unit, and then switch it on.
5. Read the thermal cleaner's instructions, regarding how long you should allow it to heat in order to disinfect the lenses, and also how long it needs to cool down before you can remove the lenses. Once this procedure has been followed, you can put your lenses in your eyes.
6. Rinse the case thoroughly with water, and allow it to dry. Be careful that you do not use dirty or oily cloths to dry the case, because some of this matter could end up in your eyes.
Remember that the thermal cleaner is just a tool to use, and that you should continue to take care and responsibility for your lenses.